Department 56 Christmas in the City Series

With all of its hustle and bustle, this series of hand-painted porcelain buildings and accessories captures the elegance and excitement of a city. Representing some of the nation's diverse and most striking cityscapes, the unusual shops do a brisk business, restaurants and ballparks are crowded with patrons and street vendors cater to a steady stream of customers.

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Holiday Surprise Item Sku: 6000577

Holiday Surprise

Gentleman keeps his rose bouquet a surprise for one more moment. Village Figures. Coordinates with 6000572. Introduced 2018
2.5 in H



Christmas In The City Village Gate Item Sku: 6000580

Christmas In The City Village Gate

Specially priced gate features 2 lit lanterns. Door replicates an iron gate designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Christmas In City. Village Figures. Introduced 2018
2.75 in H



The Singer Building Item Sku: 6000569

The Singer Building

This 47-story office building was the tallest building in the world upon completion in 1908. Designed by Earnest Flagg, it’s a wonderful example of the early Beaux-Arts architectural style, located in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Lighted Buildings. Introduced 2018
19.25 in H



City News, Evening Edition Item Sku: 6000579

City News, Evening Edition

Newsstand includes a variety of publications. Set of 2 comes with the vendor. Introduced 2018
3.75 in H



City Apple Vendor Item Sku: 6000575

City Apple Vendor

What a treat to find fresh produce from a friendly vendor. Village Figures. Introduced 2018
2.75 in H



Frank Lloyd Wrights Robie House Item Sku: 6000570

Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

Considered one of the best examples of his prairie style architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House was built in the Hyde Park neighborhood near Chicago. Completed in 1910, Robie House was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1967. Lighted Buildings. Introduced 2018
14.25 in H



Downtown Dairy Queen Item Sku: 6000573

Downtown Dairy Queen

Christmas In The City residents are thrilled that The Dairy Queen has opened right downtown. From the holidays to summer, from spring to winter, everyone loves to stop in for a frozen treat. Building is enhanced with authentic vintage advertising art. Lighted Buildings. Coordinates with 6000630. Introduced 2018
8.25 in H



City Streets, Frozen Treats Item Sku: 6000630

City Streets, Frozen Treats

After school, 3 friends stop for a frozen treat on the way home. Date on the wall, 1940, represents the year the 1st Dairy Queen opened. Village Figures. Coordinates with 6000573. Introduced 2018
2.5 in H



Christmas in the City Welcoming Christmas Item Sku: 6002290

Christmas in the City Welcoming Christmas

Set of 2, Candles have been a staple in our industry for always and no holiday would be complete without them. Christmas in the City is no exception. This elegant brick store showcases candlelight in the transoms of the double-hung shop windows. AC Adapter Included. Introduced 2018
9.65 in H x 4.13 in W x 5.39 in L



Maggies On Park Item Sku: 4056625

Maggie’s On Park

Christmas celebrations and gatherings are even more fun to attend when wearing a special dress. From the copper clad roof to the silver door handle, you know that Maggie’s offers only the finest in special holiday attire. Coordinates with item #4056629 “Shopping On Park Avenue” Platinum Exclusive. Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced 2017.



Shopping On Park Avenue Item Sku: 4056629

Shopping On Park Avenue

Dressed up alike, this mother – daughter duo heads downtown to complete their holiday shopping. Coordinates with item #4056625 “Maggie’s On Park”. Introduced 2017.



Sals Pizza and Pasta Item Sku: 4056623

Sal’s Pizza & Pasta

Down on the corner is Sal’s, the best pizzeria around. Cracking stucco proves that this family owned establishment has served the neighborhood for decades. Grab a slice to go from the pizza displayed at the carryout window in front. Coordinates with item #4056627 “Pizza Date” Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced 2017.
8.54” H x 4.33” W x 4.88” L



Pizza Date Item Sku: 4056627

Pizza Date

After strolling through the Park to check out lights, this couple agrees that the best meal of all is a takeout pizza from Sal’s. Coordinates with item #4056623 “Pizza Date”. Introduced 2017.



Frank Lloyd Wrights Heurtley House SALE!
Item Sku: 4054987

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heurtley House

Heurtley offers a prime example of the Prairie Style Homes made famous by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Completed in 1902 in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, iconic features include the low pitch roof, broad eves and wide porches. Coordinates with item #4054988 “Frank Lloyd Wright” Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced 2017.
5.32” H x 9.65”W x 12.6” L

$170.00 / $136.00   


Frank Lloyd Wright Item Sku: 4054988

Frank Lloyd Wright

The master poses for a newspaper photo. Coordinates with item #4054987 “Heurtley House”. Introduced 2017.



Kringle and Sons Boutique Item Sku: 4056624

Kringle & Sons Boutique

Set of 2. It’s Christmas Time in the City! Kringle & Sons offers a great selection of holiday trees, wreaths, spruce tops, and poinsettias. This Limited Edition set of 2 includes the sidewalk tree lot and commemorates the 30th anniversary of Christmas In The City. Coordinates with item #4056628 “A New Holiday Tradition”. Introduced 2017. Uses replacement bulb #99244. Limited Edition of 1987 pieces, numbered.
8.54” H x 4.3” W x 4.8” L



A Holiday Tradition Item Sku: 4056628

A Holiday Tradition

Year after year, this adorable couple visits the local nursery for their annual poinsettia. A little mistletoe keeps their Christmas spirit everlasting. Coordinates with item #4056624 “Kringle & Sons Boutique”. Introduced 2017.



The Majestic Theatre Item Sku: 4050910

The Majestic Theatre

Tickets are available at the front window for the Dec 15th opening night of the Nutcracker Ballet at “The Majestic Theatre”. A duo of giant Nutcrackers stand guard with the Christmas tree over the entrance way, and gold paint adds a level of elegance. Coordinates with item #4050915 “Nutcracker Dancers” Uses replacement bulb #99244. Introduced 2016.
5.25” x 4.75” x 8.75”H



The Sign of Good Taste SALE!
Item Sku: 4044796

The Sign of Good Taste

The local sign maker creates the first Coca-Cola logo sign and reviews it with the owner of Jacob's Pharmacy. Authentic vintage logo decal is displayed on the hand held board. Title inspired by a real Coca-Cola slogan. Coordinates with item #4044791 “Jacob’s Pharmacy” Introduced 2015.
1.5” x .75 x 2.5”

$28.50 / $21.50   


Good Company Item Sku: 4044797

Good Company

A couple of college undergrads enjoy a soda on the street corner. Title inspired by a real Coca-Cola slogan. Coordinates with item #4044791 “Jacob’s Pharmacy” Introduced 2015.
2” x 1” x 2.75”



Swing Town Records Item Sku: 4036492

Swing Town Records

Back in the day when vinyl records were all the rage, this was the place to be! Go in and listen the new tunes! Coordinates with item #4036499 “Swinging Downtown” Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
3.75 x 4 x 8.75”



Checker City Cab Co. SALE!
Item Sku: 4044789

Checker City Cab Co.

The Checker City Cab Co. was inspired by one of the earliest taxi companies in the United States. Morris Markin, of Chicago, IL owned the taxi service as well as the manufacturing company that built the iconic vehicles. The "bumble bee yellow" color was influenced by the founder of Hertz car rental and today yellow is the most popular color for taxis. Designed to reflect the crowded, bustling city lifestyle, our Checker City Cab Co. has two garage bays, the open one features a taxi that has just been serviced. Trimmed with decorative lights over the doors, there is also a 1930s style lamp to light the driveway. Coordinates with item #4044795 “Checker City Cab” Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6.75” x 6.25” x 6.75”

$135.00 / $101.25   


The Grand Hotel Item Sku: 4044790

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is grand, indeed. Along with the warm glow of interior lights, the bright chandelier makes an outstanding statement, like no other chandeliers in the past. Peek in the upper story window at this beautiful light. Metal railings create balconies of the double floor to ceiling windows in front. Sculpted garlands and wreathes accent the potted topiaries that flank the front door as a festive welcome to the Grand. Features interior chandelier lights. Coordinates with item #4044794 “First Star I See Tonight” Lit with LED lights, adapter included. Introduced 2015.
6.25” x 4.75” x 8.5”



First Star I See Tonight SALE!
Item Sku: 4044794

First Star I See Tonight

Star struck bell hop on the red carpet helps a movie starlet by hailing her a cab. Red flocking gives texture to the carpet. Coordinates with item #4044790 “The Grand Hotel” Introduced 2015.
2” x 1.25” x 2.5”

$28.50 / $21.50   


Caroling in the City Item Sku: 4044798

Caroling in the City

This foursome can be used as a great coordinated accessory to a church or anywhere in the City. Coordinates with item #4044792 “Church of the Advent” Introduced 2015.
3.25” x 1” x 3”



Church of the Advent Item Sku: 4044792

Church of the Advent

It's very exciting to add a new church to Christmas In The City for 2015. This design is as beautifully detailed as the cathedrals we find gracing the cities of North America. The main feature of this church is the large front window. Real die-cast metal was crafted to replicate the gorgeous glass rose-style window. This almost reminds us of the large churches in the Pittsburgh area that showcase the outstanding metal work for which the area is so well known. The large towers lead people from afar through the large front doors. Coordinates with item #4044798 “Caroling in the City” Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
7” x 7.5” x 11”



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